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What Are The 5 Most Common Questions Customers Ask Thai Massage Therapists?

My Thai massage studio in Gisborne New Zealand, opened in April 2023.

Thai massage is not just a therapeutic practice; it's an experience that involves trust, relaxation, and sometimes, curiosity. In New Zealand, as clients lay down to receive their treatment, it's not uncommon for them to engage in conversation with their Thai massage therapist.

While some discussions revolve around health or treatment preferences, others delve into personal inquiries. This was something that supprised me as this does not occur between customers and therapists in Thailand as often. It's taken me a while to adapt and understand why many of my customers ask questions about me.

I've overcome some of my shyness in responding to these questions and now consider it flattering that my customers are generally curious about me.

From my experience, here are the five most common questions customers ask their Thai massage therapist:

1. How long have you been here?

It's natural for clients to be curious about the experience and expertise of their massage therapist. By asking how long they've been practicing at the establishment, clients gauge the therapist's familiarity with the techniques and the overall quality of service they can expect.

2. Do you live here?

The question of residency often arises from a place of curiosity about the therapist's lifestyle and connection to the local community. Clients may seek to establish a sense of rapport by learning more about the therapist's daily life outside of the massage studio.

3. Do you have family here?

Similar to the previous question, inquiring about family ties is a way for clients to connect on a personal level with their therapist. By learning about the therapist's familial relationships, clients may feel a deeper sense of trust and understanding during their massage session.

4. How old are you?

While some may find this question intrusive, others ask it out of genuine curiosity or to gauge the therapist's level of experience. In Thai culture, age is often respected, and clients may believe that older therapists possess greater wisdom and skill in their craft.

5. Are you single?

This question can sometimes catch therapists off guard, as it delves into their personal life. However, some clients may ask it in a lighthearted manner, seeking to engage in friendly conversation or perhaps even explore the possibility of a romantic connection outside of the massage studio.


While these questions may seem straightforward, it's essential for clients to remember that not all massage therapists are comfortable discussing personal matters during a session. Respect for boundaries and professionalism should always be maintained, allowing both clients and therapists to enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

While Thai massage offers numerous physical and mental benefits, it also provides an opportunity for clients and therapists to connect on a personal level. The questions posed during a massage session reflect clients' natural curiosity and desire to establish a sense of trust and rapport with their therapist. By approaching these inquiries with sensitivity and respect, clients can enhance their overall massage experience and foster meaningful connections with their therapists.



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