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I’m Returning to Thailand … Soon!

I will be spending most of my time in the bustling province of Nonthaburi, adjacent to Bangkok. Guess where my apartment is?

I'm taking a well needed break and returning to Thailand!

I'll be closing my massage studio from Tuesday 26 March and will reopen on the 21 April.

As a Thai person, the pull of my homeland will always be strong. After a long absence, I will soon be returning to Thailand to reconnect with family.

Much like the Maori culture, Thai people have a connection with their land, culture & family that runs deep. While I'm in Thailand I will be celebrating Songkran - with its many traditional festivities, I'll be savoring authentic Thai cuisine, conversing exclusively in Thai and reconnecting with friends and family.

While I'm away, I will take a part of New Zealand with me. Many Thai people will be curious about my travels and what life is like living and working on the other side of the world. I intend to be an ambassador for New Zealand and sing its praises.

I'm so excited to visit my homeland after a long absence. I feel so fortunate to have a connection with two unique cultures in opposite hemispheres.

I look forward to sharing my travels to Thailand with you when I return and reopen my massage studio on 21 April.

Yours in health & wellbeing

Wārin 🙏



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